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At CHUN-WEI International Law Ltd., we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in maritime law. With years of experience providing excellent client service, we have developed a high success rate in handling numerous high-value recovery cases. Our innovative and practical solutions ensure that we always provide the highest quality services to our clients.

We specialize in marine insurance, shipping and transport litigation, and dispute resolution. Our legal advice covers a broad range of issues related to the transport of goods by sea, including cargo damage, salvage of cargo, marine debris removal and repair, general average, shipbuilding and repair, port disputes, and aviation subrogation services. Our team of partners and solicitors are progressive and forward-thinking legal executives, with extensive practical experience in building lasting professional relationships with clients through quality legal solutions.

We have a diverse client base, ranging from multinational corporations and listed companies to small-sized businesses and individuals. Our legal excellence and commercially valuable solutions have earned us strong relationships with domestic and foreign insurance companies and major shippers from countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and more.



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