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Chun-Wei Law Firm has a long history in maritime, international transport, insurance and subrogation and other areas of law, covering various types of cases almost all around the globe, including carrier liability defence and subrogated claim for both sea, air, land transport, general average and adjustment and so on.  We act for cargo interests, famous insurance companies, shipowners, forwarders, shipping agents and many others.  At the same time, our firm is able to provide evidence gathering, incident investigation and other services through our network of investigators all around the globe, so as to ensure that, in particular in important and complicated cases, enough evidence could be gathered in time and thus interests of client could be properly protected.

Cases Handled

General Average Defence –
Vessel A experienced grounding at Jamaica and declared General Average, demanding the cargo interests for a contribution of around USD 700,000. Our firm acted for the cargo interests to defend against the shipowner and was able to reduce around 90% of the contribution value.

Vessel Collison Case –
Vessel B hit Celukan Bawang Port of Indonesia and caused serious damage to port facilities and was claimed for around USD 200,000. Our firm acted for the shipowner to defend against the Indonesia port and the shipowner’s liability was totally exempted.

Inland Cargo Robbery –
Cargo of a famous tech company experienced armed robbery during inland transit in Mexico, the loss was around USD 3 millions. Our firm act for the cargo insurer and was able to archive a favorable Judgment of full recovery.

Massive Containers Lost Overboard Case –
While Vessel O was on her voyage from China to the US, numerous containers were lost overboard. Our firm acted for dozens of cargo interests and cargo insurers and all archived high-value settlement.

Fishery Products Loss of Temperature Case –
Company M imported tuna fish from Croatia, however, container temperature was found abnormal during unloading. Our firm acted for the cargo interests to claim against the carrier and was able to reach a full settlement of more than USD 200,000.

Warehouse Fire –
Cargo of Company B stored in a warehouse in Vietnam was seriously damaged in a fire, losing more than USD 400,000. Our firm acted for them and reached a full settlement.


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